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What You Need to Know About Phthalates in Baby Products

Many of the products we assume are safe for our babies actually contain harmful chemicals. There are chemicals called phthalates in baby products we use every day, from teething toys to baby shampoos. The more we expose our babies to phthalates in baby products, the more phthalates are found in their systems.

Phthalates are a group of chemicals that are used to make toys soft and flexible and are also used to make the fragrance in many baby lotions, creams, shampoos and powders last longer. It has been discovered that phthalates develop toxicity and you can find high levels of phthalates in baby products that are sold as gentle and designed for baby.

Phthalates in baby products are more harmful to babies because a baby's system is less able to handle the exposure to toxicity. Babies younger than 18 months are more susceptible to the dangers of phthalates, which may include later reproductive problems, and it is wise to avoid exposing your baby to materials made with phthalates.

You can avoid phthalates in baby products used to bath baby, by looking for fragrance free products. Some baby bath products are now advertising phthalates free products. But most physicians will tell you that most babies do not need to be exposed to phthalates in baby products because they don't need special lotions and creams. Mild soap and water is typically what is best for baby's skin.

In an attempt to avoid phthalates in baby products you can also avoid any toys that have a recycling symbol #3, which means it is made with vinyl or PVC, and most likely contains phthalates.

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